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You love living in the safe and carefree La Tour and you won't have to wait long for the beautiful views of the San Jacinto River and the majestic San Juan Mountains. The gorge overlooks the Rio Grande Valley, the Texas Panhandle, San Antonio, Texas and Texas State Park.

The living and dining area are nicely decorated and the kitchen has been modernized with new appliances such as a new stove, oven, hob, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, freezer and more inviting. It has plenty of storage space and overlooks a pretty backyard that has a great deck and backyard for cooking evenings. This high quality new home is complete with a covered terrace to enjoy the fresh air.

The bonus room would be a great bedroom, games room or man cave and the master bedroom with office area is complete. Upstairs there is a spacious bath and tub, a private shower and a 4th bedroom and office with its own entrance, which could easily be a 3rd bedroom or even a 2nd bedroom in itself. Enjoy the views from the office and its office, complete with fireplace and open floor plan and plenty of storage space.

The spacious kitchen has a peninsula, creating the perfect space to prepare dinner or help your child with homework. The kitchen has a built-in microwave and oven combination, a large dishwasher and a full range of appliances.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Professionals can help you if you want to buy a property in this area. We know the market inside out and out and can give you advice you can trust, prices and location. Amarillo's business and building sales have a long history, so we are very welcoming and open to new businesses. You will find a community - a company focused on community like this one in the heart of the city, right next to our offices.

Although we are a national organization, we have a local presence in Amarillo, which gives us an advantage over other places. We have a very important factor working in our favor: We have the best real estate market in the state of Texas and one of the most competitive markets in Texas.

Affordability has entered the rental market, prices appear stable and price increases seem sustainable. We have shown a trend towards growth and prices seem stable.

Indeed, national appreciation has more than doubled in the last three years, and in some cases even more.

The cumulative revaluation rate over ten years is 29.97%, placing it in the top 50 nationally. Today's figure is up 112 per cent in a year, a drop of 10 per cent on the previous month. As low as the unemployment rate in Amarillo was, it has fallen by nearly a full percentage point in the last 12 months. Employment growth must improve from the current 0.5% to reach its full potential.

One very important thing to remember is that Amarillo's appreciation rate is slightly above the national average. Data from NeighborhoodScout shows that the average rate of revaluation for cities over ten years is 1.1% and 2.5% over five years. Compared with Texas, the data show that Amarillos' value growth in the last quarter was 1% (annualized 4.62%), or $1,13,000 per square foot. One of the most interesting things about the city's real estate values is its recent annual appreciation, which is the highest in Texas and the second highest of all Texas cities, behind Austin.

It should also be noted that there is a significant wage gap between Amarillo and other parts of the country, which is significantly higher than the national average of 2.5%. That's because the city collects more tax dollars per square foot than any other part of the country (about $1,000 more than Austin).

This means that it is a good time for companies to enter the market, as people are keen to find new employment opportunities. If you are a real estate buyer or investor, the vacancy rate of apartments is one of the useful measures to consider. Use the data and market trends to find the best housing markets in Amarillo, Texas and other parts of the country. You will also discover the top 10 most expensive cities in the US for home purchase and sale.

This apartment has 2 bedrooms, but the larger one is insulated with a large vanity and wardrobe. The third bedroom serves as a comfortable den and study, and the open floor plan includes a living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. In addition, the homeowner will enjoy an open living area with outdoor terrace, pool and pool.

No high-quality new home is complete without a covered patio to enjoy the evenings in West Texas. The home has three bathrooms, including a separate, insulated room with a bathtub, which would be ideal for a mother-in-law in the neighborhood. It has excellent storage and a huge laundry room, and the house has an open floor plan with plenty of storage space as well as a large kitchen.

More About Amarillo

More About Amarillo