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Caleb Martin entered the winner's list by raising $2,000 at South Texas Speedway. Martin has led the ASCS Gulf South region for the first time and we are proud to announce that he has won his first race of the American Stock Car Series at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia.

The drag strip track is located in Van Horn, Texas, at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Texas State Highway 54. The track is home to the American Stock Car Racing Association (ASCS) Golf South region and is the second largest drag strip in the United States and the third largest in South Texas. Interstate 10 runs about 100 miles east to Fort Stockton and then crosses the city of Van Nuys on its way northwest, north to east and south to west. Texas Highway 54 runs from Van Horn north to the Texas-Mexico border, which takes it southeast to Marfa and west to El Paso.

The Gene Sn Texas Raceway website claims the track was first opened in 1961, but research has failed to confirm that claim. Aloe Field is presented on its website as the location of the first drag strip track in the USA. The original name of the track is also given as "Amarillo Texas Fairfield Speedway," but not the current one.

The town is named after Lieutenant General William Van Horn, who probably died on July 1, 1884, after he later converted it into Fort Bliss. Van Horn was a member of the 2nd Infantry Division of the US Army and served in the 1st Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Regiment. The city has a number of historic buildings throughout its history, including the first public school, Amarillo Texas Fairfield Elementary School, built in 1901.

A must-see - check out tourist attractions and activities in Amarillo, Texas, such as the Fort Bliss National Historic Site, the Texas Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service, to name a few.

The Fort Bliss National Historic Site, the Texas Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service also appear on Google Maps. Amarillo Texas Fairfield Inn, one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, appears on Google Maps and is a popular destination for visitors from around the world.

Those who rent a room in Amarillo also pay a 2 percent occupancy tax to the Amarillos Potter event district, which oversees the Amarillo National Center. Follow Drury and behave yourself to see if 3 people can live at the Fairfield Inn for $1,500 a month for one night. Leave the city and head to Corpus Christi for a two-day stay at Fort Bliss National Historic Site or Texas Museum of Natural History, where you will depart.

The website says the tax covers the cost of renting a condo, apartment or house for less than 30 consecutive days for $1,500 a month.

The Texas Comptroller's website states that local occupancy fees are charged when a bedroom costs $2 or more a day. Texas imposes an occupancy tax on people who pay for hotel rooms that cost 15% more each day, according to the Texas Department of Public Health and Human Services website, which lists hotels, motels and other hotels.

The registered agent registered with the company is Jeffrey N. Click, located at 2309 Virden Ct. Ticket prices may be eye-catching, but save yourself a black Wheel Fender torch and buy a ticket to the Texas Fairfield Music Festival in Amarillo, Texas on Saturday, July 22, 2016.

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The circuit consists of 25 - 5 members of cars that circle the circuit, blow out alcohol and burn fuel. There is live music from the Texas Fairfield Music Festival in Amarillo, Texas on Saturday, July 22, 2016.

A Custom Truck & Car Audio event will be held at the Texas Fairfield Inn in Amarillo, Texas on Saturday, July 22, 2016. The Rack & Vanish event is taking place for the second time. Straights are treated like a drag strip, rubber is burned at red lights, and there are rack & disappearing. It combines the best of both worlds, a classic truck and car race in Texas, with live music.

Jimmie grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas and graduated from King's 20 Apr 2015. He loves car racing, but it is on the drag strip where he fell in love. Reher - powered, four-wheeled - driven, two-seater - pick-up truck prevails over Robinson Robinson and Robinson Scott Ball Racing. I love seeing real street cyclists conquering real money and real streets. The artist has designed and sold a number of bespoke trucks, cars, motorcycles, trucks and even a few cars himself.

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